Wednesday, April 15, 2020

This God—His Way is Perfect Written by Pastor Kent

David wrote these words toward the end of his life after God had given him deliverance from his enemies, including Saul.
Consider what the commentator, William S. Plummer, has this to say about this passage: "God's way is perfectly just, perfectly wise, perfectly holy, perfectly good, perfectly sure to prevail, perfectly honorable to himself, perfectly safe to his people. It sometimes looks dark or doubtful, because we do not see the end. When that comes, all is right."

Just? What about all the injustices David experienced in his life?
  • Remember his encounters with wild animals as a shepherd? (1 Sam.17:36)
  • Remember his brothers' scoffing and slanderous words before David fought Goliath. (1 Sam.17:28-29)
  • Remember Goliath's degrading threats? (1 Sam.17:41-45)
  • Remember Saul's initial envy? (1 Sam.18:8)
  • Remember Saul's initial attempted murder? (1 Sam.18:11)
  • Remember how Saul demoted David, in spite of his great successes? (1 Sam.18:13)
  • Remember how Saul betrayed David regarding his promised daughter, Merab (1 Sam.18:17-21)
Well, you get the idea. I suggest that you continue listing the many ways David suffered hardships and betrayals. In fact, David's life was racked with the kinds of hardships that are hard to grasp. Yet, as he looks back on his life experiences and reflects on God's care for him during that time, he muses that "God's ways are perfect".

This statement from David's pen personifies how Vine's Dictionary defines the word "Meekness" as translated from the Greek word, "prautes".
"Meekness is an inwrought grace of the soul and the exercises of it are first and chiefly towards God in that we accept His dealings with us is good and therefore without disputing or resisting." (Vine's Expository Dictionary; Strong's # 4240)

During this time of immeasurable losses and hardships, we do well to mediate on David's heart-attitude about the character of God. Like Joseph, David trusted God's character and eternal purposes in all the what-ifs, unknowns and dark days.

This God...the God who has sent us this plague...this God-HIS WAY is perfect.

To Him be glory forever.
Kent Kloter

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