Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Please Pray for Dave and Carol Beakley

We are in total lockdown. Carol and I have been locked away in our home since 17-March. We cannot leave until 16-April. Only once did we go out to get some groceries--at least there was food. The nation is on total lockdown, and only essential services are allowed to be out, other than people going to get groceries, see the doctor, pharmacist or bank. That is it.

Please pray that we find joy in the Lord during this time. Our services are virtual along with daily devotions (

Pray for discipline during this time. It is easy to live like in a submarine with no perspective of time.

Pray for stamina and time with the Lord. I prepare a message every day and then the Sunday message. Preaching into a camera is different.

In many ways, this is no different than what everyone else is going through. We cannot go to any other facilities or neighbors. We can only stay behind our fence. I try to stay connected with all of our church members and pray for them every day and send them a text. We trust in God's sovereignty AND His goodness.

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