Monday, May 10, 2021

Prayer Requests from Dougg and LeAnn Custer

1). Discover WorldVenture Weekend May 21-23:
        - Pray for the 12 attendees seeking whether God would have them serve in missions with WorldVenture.
        - Pray for those hosting and presenting that weekend, that God would guide and give wisdom, not only for the formal presentations, but individual, informal interactions and conversations.
        - Pray, too, that if the Lord has any others to be invited, He would make that known. 

2) Student Mobilization Philippines Team Debrief May 26-29:
        - Pray for Dougg's team members who will be leading the Debrief, that they can see, hear and understand what is being said and how to help.
        - Pray for all the logistics that are being worked out.
        - Pray that God will use this Debrief to encourage, help and energize these workers in the Philippines.

3) Dougg was contacted by a former pastor who would like to help mobilize and train workers to work among unevangelized peoples using the Discipleship Making Movement model. He has received the official job description. 
        -Pray for wisdom for him and Dougg, that God would make His will known as to whether and how to move forward.

4) WorldVenture is planning another golf fundraiser which Dougg is overseeing and with which LeAnn is helping. A different model is being tried this time and he is looking for sponsors to pay for the course, so that any players' fees will be profit for WorldVenture. Thank God for a friend who is willing to help with this fund raising. One of our main goals is to introduce WorldVenture to more and more people, which we hope will lead to more and more people hearing about Jesus. 
        -Pray God will lead in all the details, and that He will use this fundraiser to serve His purposes through WorldVenture around the world.