Monday, July 8, 2019

Proclaiming Christ in our Neighborhoods

Part of our church's purpose statement is to "proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord." Read below for how BCCer, Lauren Yoder, has been trusting God to apply this to her life:
"We are doing the 'Read the Bible in a Year.' We always have neighbor kids over to swim or jump on the trampoline.  At 7pm, my alarm reminder goes off, so whoever is over hears me say, 'Time to read the Bible!' At first, the neighbor kids would ask what we were reading, and I would explain that we are reading the Bible in a year, and so we read a little every night, and they were more than welcome to read with us.  Now I just say 'time to read,' and they come on in.  So we all sit in the living room and pass around the phone app Bible, and read it and talk about what it means.  We have had adults and kids join us, and some of the kids came to Vacation Bible Camp as well!  We also got two of the kids a Bible storybook, so it is easier for them to understand.  Pray for their hearts and that I can explain things to them in a way they understand.  Also, pray that we can love them and their families more, and show Christ to them."

Praise God for this story! Pray for our church as we endeavor to invest, impart, and implore.*
Pastor Ben
*1) Invest 
We involve ourselves in the lives of those around us who do not know Jesus, so we look for opportunities to be introduced to new relationships with unbelieving neighbors, co-workers, and others in their community.
2) Impart 
We deepen these relationships by giving sacrificially of our lives in order to care for those who do not know Christ.
3) Implore
Along the way, we exhort our friends and acquaintances to place their faith in Christ alone. We do this by being equipped to do all of the above with theologically strong and question-based strategies to share the gospel.

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