Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bible Reading and Its Affect on Proclaiming and Preparing

Blake Gerber recently sent this to our care group leaders and I asked him if I could post on the blog. It gives a great picture of how Proclaiming (the 3i's) and Preparing (the 3m's) come together for salvation and growth in Christ.

Pastor Ben

Dear Care Group Leaders,
Last week I included a link to some printable sheets that can be used for reading Scripture with others. These sheets 
are from David Helm's book, One to One Bible Reading. Today, I want to continue the focus on reading Scripture with 
others by sharing with you a 4-part series of short lessons in which Helm explains the What/Why/Who/How of 
one-to-one Bible reading. This is a great series! He shows that one-to-one Bible reading can be done with 
anyone -- Unbelievers, New Believers, and Established Believers. 

As we talk about discipleship at BCC, we often mention the 3M's (Membership, Maturity, Multiplication) and 
one-to-one Bible reading is certainly a means of helping one another mature and multiply, but it is also a 
means of Investing in others, Imparting our lives, and Imploring people to put their trust in the Lord (3I's).
 In the videos Helm shares how one-to-one Bible reading can play an instrumental part in people coming to faith 
in Christ. He also shares an encouraging testimony of how one-to-one Bible reading led to great growth and 
change in the life of a fellow believer.

In addition to the videos there are downloadable docs for each session. They include discussion questions and 
instructions for leading a group through the material. The videos and accompanying docs can be found at  

I've found this to be a great resource and have been encouraged and challenged to pursue reading the Bible
 one-to-one with others. Perhaps you will be too.

May the Lord give us an ever increasing confidence in His Word (Ps 119: 97) as we make disciples for His glory.

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