Friday, May 19, 2023

Do You Know the 3i's?

 Do you know the 3i's? If not, go HERE

The 3i's are associated with the portion of BCC's purpose statement that reads "proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord." As we consider that statement, it begs us to ask how we are doing in our proclamation -- to ourselves and to those who don't know Christ. The reality is if we consider our identity in Christ and what He has done on our behalf, outreach and evangelism become less "scary" and a joy to participate in! So evaluate with your care group, family, or your ministry team where you think you are in general or in a specific relationship. Are you....




(See the link above for the definitions of those words)

What area do you need to grow in?
Pick a specific person in your can you progress in the 3i's in that relationship? Pray as a part of the BCC community for God to use us as His ambassadors this week!

Take care,
Ben D.

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