Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Please Pray for the Custers

Several days spent at Montana Bible College went great according to Dougg and Tim. Three students will be attending the Discover WorldVenture Weekend listed below. In addition, a Memo of Understanding was signed with the school for their students to do internships with WorldVenture in one of our restricted-access countries.
All of the candidates, who were interviewed on Febr. 24th and 25th did a great job and are now appointees with WorldVenture, planning to serve in Japan, Uganda, Taiwan, and places we can’t print! They gave rave reviews about the Pre-Field Training facilitated by Dougg and his team.


  • Thursday, March 4th, we leave for a ministry trip in Oregon.
  • March 7 Dougg will be doing two workshops on leadership at Pine Baptist Church in Halfway, Oregon. LeAnn will be speaking at a women’s event on "Playing Games with God". The preparation is done so please pray for the talks to be a help, challenge and encouragement to those who attend. And pray that many will accept the invitation to be a part of these events. Sunday Dougg will be preaching at the church.
  • March 9-11 will find us at the CB Northwest Enrichment Conference in Seaside where we hope to touch base with a number of pastors. Pray for good conversations, that they might know of people interested in missions in their churches, whom we could contact.
  • March 12 will be catching up with a few individual supporters.
  • March 13-15 Stanfield Baptist Church has also been a ministry partner with us since 1979 and we are looking forward to reconnecting with them this weekend!
  • March 17-19 Doug's team is hosting a Mobilization Pastor Gathering at our WorldVenture headquarters for the purpose of introducing pastors from TX, PA, NJ, and CO to the mission and our vision for making disciples around the globe. Pray they will connect with WorldVenture in such a way that they would want to partner with us in sending their members (who are a fit) to the lost around the world. 
  • March 20-22 Please pray for the Discover WorldVenture Weekend with 15 interested people from six states planning to attend. Pray that God gives them direction as to the next steps to pursue and that some would be desirous of serving with WorldVenture.
  • Dougg is involved with Jim Bull in organizing a golf fundraiser in AZ for WorldVenture. We need sponsors; please pray for them and if you are interested in giving, here is the link: 2020 WorldVenture Challenge. Pray that many golfers in the Phoenix area will sign up to be part of the fundraiser and that it will be a success.
  • WorldVenture leadership needs wisdom when it comes to COVID-19, the Coronavirus. With workers in 65 countries and staff coming and going, they are keeping close tabs on where the outbreaks are if our people would have adequate medical care in the event of contracting the virus, and whether they should be evacuated from their country of service or not. Short-term trips have been halted as we don’t want people getting stuck overseas, not being allowed back into the USA or having to be quarantined upon arrival.

Katrina was in charge of the props for the Black Forest Academy play.

Elli was recently baptized by her happy and proud dad.

Our Hawaii granddaughters at International Church of Oahu’s family camp.

Thank you for standing with us before the throne of grace!

Gratefully with Love,
Dougg and LeAnn

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