Friday, July 10, 2020

Please pray for Pablo and Judi Perez

Below are some of the ways that you can be praying this week for the Perez's this week as they serve the Lord through COVID-19:

1. Praise God for the first meeting, June 4, via Zoom of all of the house churches and discipleship groups. 69 devices were connected.
2. Pray for the coordinators of the strategic areas of MOPI (Movimiento de PlantaciĆ³n de Iglesias - Church Planting Movement) especially Communications and Media, Education, and Training so that we can use technology to effectively evangelize, make disciples, and train leaders.
3. Pray for the Renacimiento Church. A number of families are without work, and are therefore without money for food and being threatened with eviction. Due to COVID 19 regulations in Ecuador, the building is shut down until further notice. It has meant the real church is growing, but the "traditionalists" have a hard time comprehending that they can be the church without connecting to a building.

We also ask for us personally:
1. Judi came to the US on June 16 to be with her 89-year-old parents. Her Mom has been hospitalized 3 times since April 25. They are doing OK, but a return to Ecuador will have to wait until the situation due to COVID 19 changes.
2. Pray for Pablo as he regularly preaches/teaches/counsels via Zoom/Facebook/Whatsapp over 40 hours a week. PTL! his voice is holding out!

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