Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Please Pray for the Hornbrooks

Hi Evan,
Thanks so much for posting our prayer requests

1. Praise God with us for all the ministry opportunities provided by the Coronavirus.

2. Pray for our Bible Conversations with our next door neighbor´s on Fridays. We have had three so far. Marisol told us after the last one that she is on cloud 9 and so grateful for all she is learning!

3. This week Marisol´s nephew, Freddy, is borrowing Jamie´s computer because his broke and he works on line. His replacement should come in the mail soon. He is also asking for guitar lessons and Bible studies in English. Thank you for praying with us for the salvation of this family.

4. Thursday Jamie and I are going to meet with the unsaved husband of one of our long time members. His wife and daughters will be there as well. He seems extra open to spiritual conversations right now also.

5. That God will bless and provide for at least 8 families who are struggling to feed their families.
Our church is helping to provide what they lack. May it be a time of more growth for our church.

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