Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Please Pray for Mark and Charity Borisuk


Here are some ways that you can be praying for Mark and Charity during the COVID pandemic.

  1. Pray that believers will have opportunities to speak the truth and show a peace that can only be found in Christ.
  2. We praise the Lord for an opportunity to spend time together with our older children. Pray for fruitful time with our older children during our time in the US.
  3. Pray for fruitful dialogue with several publishers regarding more difficult book licenses. 
  4. Praise the Lord for signed contracts in April with Baker Publishing House for the rights of “Towards an Exegetical Theology” and permission from a Taiwan publisher to purchase and use their translation.
  5. Please pray for continued safety for our staff and that we will bring encouragement to them in weekly meetings and praying together.
  6. Pray that the material and correspondence that goes out from IRC would bless users with the knowledge of God’s Word and bring dependence on their Creator. 
  7. We praise the Lord for technology that allows us to continue to minister.
  8. Pray for the pastors/church leaders as we study together via Zoom and as we continue to do weekly readings in "The Knowledge of the Holy." Pray that they would more fully understand the attributes of God, apply them to their own lives, and have the opportunity to share with others.
  9. Pray for each of these pastors/church leaders as they shepherd their families and their flocks. 
  10. Pray specifically for Brother Song and Brother Zheng as they are in difficult situations with unsaved wives. 
  11. Pray for Brother Wang as he continues to pastor and lead amidst health issues.

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