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A couple of weeks ago, several of the counselors at BCC watched a webinar on “Anxiety and Loneliness” from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Here is a summary of Heather Leman’s notes from the talk. Contact Heather at if you would like a link to the webinar.

If what you most value can be taken away or destroyed then you set yourself up for anxiety. 

Proverbs 9:10, 1:7
Write down this verse “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Then put a blank where “the Lord” would go.

The fear of ______________ is the beginning of wisdom. Whatever it is that we fear is the beginning of our wisdom. 

Psalm 115 - whatever we fear is what our life is rotating around. vs 8 - we become conformed into.
As they feel those things slipping away that they don’t have control of they begin to fear those things rather than fear the Lord. Fear is intended to be healthy and directed at one particular place - the Lord. The largest command repeated in scripture - fear not.

Genesis 15:1- I am your shield, I will be with you

Matthew 10:26 - we are called not to fear anything here on this earth.
Deut. 6:1-2 - God has given us himself and revelation of who he is so we would not because of sin fear the things of the earth.

Joshua 24:14 - choose this day who we will serve and fear the Lord appropriately

How do we correct our fear?
Peace is the result, not the way in which we go about doing it.

By the fear of him and submitting to His spirit and he will provide to us as fruit of the spirit - peace.

Natural fear and sinful fear

Exodus 20: more than commandments but he was giving us himself vs 18 - when we fear God appropriately - he will reveal himself and does this for our God. Don’t fear what can destroy your body but what can destroy body and soul.

Means of this are in Galatians 5:16. When we submit to God he produces fruit - peace is not a feeling but in a person. 
Philippians 4:6-7

Not to simply seek peace because we will just find comfort in worldly things.

Matthew 6:19

If you want to know where someone’s heart is - go on our treasure hunt. When we begin to treasure things of this world when it is taken away we will be anxious.

The way we see the world is darkened when we fear and love other things besides God. We can calm those fears by trusting in God (later part of chapter 6).

Don’t run and hide in shame as Adam and Eve did but take these cares to one another. Scripture assumes we will have cares and lots of moments to be anxious - the key is where we turn.
Do we really have future hope?

Psalm 46:10 - being alone can actually be good and healthy. Loneliness is a feeling, positive is we can be in solitude, to slow life down in calm and stillness before the father. To know who the Lord is.
How does aloneness become negative - when we have feelings of loneliness: sinful disposition. Moses to Egypt - God voiced “I am with you" as a primary point of comfort. Loneliness is an issue of unbelief in trusting our feelings more than what God has said to be true about us.

2 Corin 1:3
God intends to utilize our loneliness to 1) increase our intimacy with him. 2) retreat in prayer 3) to keep us from superficial comforts

Sinful fears - you weren’t built to find solace in comfort in the things of the world so it’s out of the Lords’ kindness to strip those from us. He is recalibrating our hearts. 

Matthew 11

When we fear God and obey is commands the spirit conforms us to the spirit of Christ.

Need for adult conversation - and make sure you are still doing disciplines. 

Ephesians 4 - where we should find value worth and meaning in all that God has given us.

Heather Leman

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