Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Godly Discipline

In order to implant the Scripture into our kids' hearts at BCC, we need to be consistently sharing with them the godly principles each time they disobey. This kind of repetition can help our kids hide His Word in their hearts. Have your kids or the kids your are ministering to memorize these 4 words and go over these passages (plus more!) to help them to see the sin cycle in which we all get stuck. It is good to keep in mind that kids respond differently--especially kids from hard situations and backgrounds.

1. Idol-James 4:1
Questions to ask:
-Why did you do what you did?
-What were you wanting?
-Were you wanting attention, the toy, for your friend to play with you, etc? (give them multiple choice if they can't figure
it out on their own)
-Affirm that those desires are not necessarily bad, but they allowed them to be.
-Teach that their desire became a demand. They wanted their desire more than to please God. They were worshipping an idol or something other than God.

2. Purpose-2 Cor 5:9
-What should you be wanting instead of that demand?--To please God!
-Share the joy of living for His glory and that God promises satisfaction in Him alone.

3. Discipline-Heb 12:6
-Give godly, controlled consequences to the child.

4. Forgiveness-Rom 3:23-24
-Give them a hug (if appropriate).
-Tell them that there is nothing they can do to make you love them less.
-Tell them that God asks for them to ask Him for forgiveness as well as the person(s) they have sinned against.
-It is okay to make them pray to ask for forgiveness. You are training them.
-It is okay to have them repeat after you in prayer. You are training them.
-This puts the gospel on display! Remind them of their need for the gospel in everyday living.

May God give us much grace as we shepherd our kids and the kids of BCC,
Pastor Ben

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