Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Apps for Your Kid’s Tech

As a parent it can be very difficult determining screen time, if/when to get your child a device, what is the right device, how to keep your child safe while on the device, and many other questions. Another issue beyond those is what apps are good for the kids to be using and how can they actually benefit the child. I recently got to be privy to a helpful answer to some of this from Martha Hangartner, our Children’s Ministry Sunday School Coordinator and with her permission thought it might be helpful for you as well. Here are a few app recommendations she made…

New City Catechism App
-More for high functioning older kids
-Question and Answers (good sound theology)
-Has scripture to songs
-Great teaching tool
-Adult interaction might be helpful too

Bible App for Kids
-For younger kids
-Narrated bible stories
-Kids can interact with pages by touching a character in a scene that responds by moving or making noise

Look & Find Bible Stories ($2.99)
-For around 4 yrs on up
-Picture game
-Kids look for certain things
-5 different scenes

Adventures in Odyssey App
-The stories are great to pass the time on road trips
-There are all kinds of podcasts and album downloads on their App
-Focus on the Family does a good job of mixing entertainment with biblical truth...always ending their stories with a biblical lesson or encouraging note.
-The App has audio downloads, either as a podcast or from their albums, for kids to listen to, but you may have to pay for some, and would need a username and password on set up
-Also, as a warning up front...some of stories are more “scary” than others as they solve all kinds of mysteries in the town of Odyssey

You could also look into coloring or puzzle apps.? Something like Kids' Puzzles and Dino Puzzle Kid Dinosaur Games might be fun? Other non-biblical apps I would highly recommend are Lego Juniors and PeekABoo Barn (for young kids).

As a bonus, Martha added…
Also, we really like our “Circle” device, which is a filter for all devices that connect to your home wifi. Once the devices are set up under an individual profile, you can set limits on screen time, block certain apps, manage internet use, and view a history log for sites visited. It’s been a helpful tool for our family the past couple years.
I personally am very grateful for the folks, like Martha, we have overseeing all our Children’s Ministry areas and the help they seek to offer parents as they raise their kids. Hopefully this gives you parents, especially of younger kids, a bit of help as you think through tech and your child! May we continually be growing to, “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord,”

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