Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Please Pray for Empower Life Center

Since its opening in 1987, the Empower Life Center has provided information and care to women and men from pregnancy through parenthood.  All services are free of charge and confidential. In 2018, the name of the Center was changed from the Women's Pregnancy Center to better reflect the Center's purpose and services. Here are some ways you can pray for this organization:

  1. Please pray a volunteer who found out she has lung cancer….for Dr’s wisdom for treatment and for her to lean on the Lord.
  1. Please pray for a new Center Coordinator
  1. Please pray for abortion minded ladies who have come to Empower in the last couple of weeks. Families are encouraging them to get abortion.
  1. Please pray for others to come into their lives to encourage life.
  1. Please pray for Fatherhood classes whose attendance is growing. 

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