Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Please pray for the Custers

Here are some ways you can pray for the Custers as they help in planting new churches:

  1. Oct 30th & Nov. 6th:  LeAnn will be speaking at a ladies bible study at a supporting church in Honolulu while there to babysit her grandkids. 
  2. Oct. 29  - Nov 1: Dougg will be in Phoenix helping plan for a February WorldVenture golf fundraiser as well as meeting with pastors about missions.
  3. November  4:  7  couples/singles will be interviewed to be appointed with WorldVenture for  career service. Pray for God's will to be clear to all involved. Dougg will be leading one of  the two interviewing committees.
  4. Nov. 5-8: Dougg and another Mobilizer will be speaking at and participating in the Montana Bible College Missions Conference. Pray for good  follow-up conversations to their visit a year ago and  that new students would be encouraged to think about their role in missions.
  5. Dougg's Director of Recruiting ,and right-hand man, has resigned to take a job that will help him become a tent-maker in Japan.  Pray with us about Nate's replacement; Dougg has someone in mind who is praying about it and the leadership team also has to sign off on them.
  6. The number one and two requests are always for more harvest workers to go out with WorldVenture and for those workers to find financial and prayer partners who will stand with them.

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