Friday, March 31, 2017

Your Kingdom Come

I recently expressed my desire to volunteer again with a secular program I'd given volunteer hours to in the past. I was saddened when I learned that they did not need my volunteer role to exist anymore.

Being sad isn’t a bad thing. I believe sadness is a tool that God gives us to give us energy and focus to think of how we can best glorify Him. It did just that for me…at first. I was surprised at how long my sadness lasted. I began to dwell on the decision. I began to question the decision. I allowed my emotions and sadness to take control over my thinking.

Why was this a struggle for me? I began to look at my heart and saw that I had an idol of wanting my life to go the way that I believed it should go (James 4:1). I had built this construct or mini-kingdom of how my life was supposed to go, and God in His loving sovereignty was not giving me what I wanted (James 4:3). My heart began to rebel as I wanted what I wanted (my mini-kingdom) and not to please the Lord in my response.

I think it is a common human struggle to build our mini-kingdoms (1 John 5:21)—views of how we think our lives should go. What kind of mini-kingdoms?:
THIS is the volunteer role I'm supposed to have.
THIS is the right amount of church involvement for me/my family.
MY workday/day at home/vacation is supposed to go in the order of MY to do list and calendar.
THIS is how my family/life/singleness is supposed to look.
My friend/spouse/child is SUPPOSED to respond in a certain way.

There are two questions for the believer:
What is the cause of your mini-kingdom building? (our idol-producing hearts)
How am I to respond when my little kingdom walls are taken down by a loving and truthful God? See Hebrews 12:1-2.

When one of my many mini-kingdoms I’ve built comes crashing down, will I say to the Lord:
“Have your way father. May your kingdom come.”
"God you have missed out on building up my kingdom. Fix it now!"

Pastor Ben 


  1. Well stated, Ben. Good questions to consider seriously, especially when it involves good things.
    "A good thing becomes a bad thing when it becomes a ruling thing".

  2. Good thoughts, Ben. I do certainly love things to go my way & my comfort.