Friday, March 3, 2017

A Prayer for the Broken-hearted Child of God

I pray for your heart to be filled with the confidence that…

…God loves you with His everlasting love (Jer.31:3)

… Jesus loves you just as the Father loves Him (Jn.15:1-11)

…God’s mercy towards you is new again today (Lam. 3:22)

…God’s compassion towards you will never fail (Lam. 3:22)

…God has given you His righteousness freely as a gift (Rom. 3:21-28)

…God promises never to leave you or forsake you (Heb.13:5; Ps.94:14)

…God has given you all of his promises in Christ Jesus (2Cor.1:20)

…God promises to protect you with His peace (Phil.4:7)

…God promises that He, [the God of peace] will be with you (Phil.4:9)

…God has promises that He will supply all your needs (Phil.4:19)

…God will be your room-mate (Is. 57:15)

…You will mostly be unaware of the ways that your fruit is manifested (Mt. 25:34-40)

…God sovereignly placed you in the Body of Christ (Eph.1:3-6)

…God has uniquely equipped you to serve the Body (Eph.4:12-16

…to the extent that you abide in Jesus, you will produce fruit (Jn.15:1-9)

I pray that today you will choose to allow
your heart to truly rest in all these truths
Pastor Kent Kloter

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