Friday, September 11, 2020

Please Pray for Sam and Jamie Hornbrook

The pandemic issues are severe in our area. We just had two families in our church, who are related to each other, pass COVID around to each other. Most of them are recovering with light symptoms, but one of the grandfathers of the family died on Monday, this week, at age 78. Just last night, his wife joined Jamie´s online ladies Bible Study, for the first time. May the Lord continue to work in her heart. She and her husband did not attend our church, but their children who do attend our church, have shared the gospel with them.

We have been having Sunday services in person, at church for the last 6 weeks. Our attendance which has been between 40 and 50, is about half the regular, pre-pandemic numbers, but our online followers have grown quite a bit.

Big praise is that we have now had 9 evangelistic Bible Studies on Fridays at our next-door neighbors. Teresa, the elderly lady in her 80s, Marisol who is about to turn 60, and Freddy, the grandson, and nephew, have all given testimony that they have trusted Christ for salvation. Freddy has been going to church with us on Sundays, then he comes over to the house on Sunday evenings for discipleship and guitar lessons. We thank the Lord for His amazing work in this family.

I (Sam) have as many as 8 counseling sessions every week with people from all over Mexico City and one with a man in another state. It's all on the internet these days, this ministry seems to be growing and people are more hungry than ever for help from the Word of God.

Jamie and I have had no health issues and take the recommended precautions to protect ourselves from the virus, but our priority is to continue to minister to people with the Gospel. Thank you for praying with us and thank you for your faithful partnership with us!

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