Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Most Important Lesson of Covid-19

The economy can’t save us. We’ve seen how quickly a robust bull market has plunged into loss and chaos. Retirement plans have been reduced by significant numbers. Hopes for a secure retirement for thousands have vaporized almost overnight.
The president can’t save us. President Trump has presented himself as being “bullet-proof” from all kinds of distractions, but he is powerless to stop this virus and the manifold fallouts in its path.
Our political party can’t save us. Both parties in our governments, both state and national have exposed their weaknesses, greed, selfish motives, and personal biases, all to the detriment of future generations.
The CDC and WHO can’t save us. They are manifesting a deeper weakness of our condition, that is, science can’t save us.

We are truly at the mercy of “an unseen enemy”, however, our enemy is not merely a virus. Oh, to be sure, we are at the mercy of a mysterious COVID-19. But far worse, we are exposed and vulnerable to an unseen, but undeniable enemy, namely the sins of our own depraved hearts and greater still, are at the mercy of the Ruler of this world. These are all stark, harsh lessons of COVID-19.

But the greatest lesson we can learn from COVID-19 is that “God, who is rich in mercy”, has moved heaven and earth to send His Son, His only-begotten Son, so that whosoever would believe, would no longer be at the mercy of reigning sin, of a reigning Satan, but be delivered and forgiven from sin and made righteous by the Blood of Jesus and by His sinless, perfect life.

This week we celebrate Easter, the greatest event in human history that brought the greatest deliverance from the greatest enemy human beings have ever faced. Jesus Christ, as God in human flesh, came and lived a perfect life. He was cruelly crucified for the simple fact that he proclaimed His true identity and purpose.

Will you embrace the greatest lesson of our time? Will you believe that Jesus Christ who was crucified on “Good Friday” actually rose from the dead on Easter Sunday and is now in heaven, awaiting His soon return to finally and completely destroy “the unseen enemy”, Satan himself.
Jesus Christ is our only hope for deliverance. Come, let us adore Him, Christ, the Lord.

Kent Kloter


  1. so well said Kent thanks for the encouragement and hope we need to be reminded of that is in CHRIST JESUS ALONE!!!!!

  2. Just reading this well written and so true! Thanks Kent!