Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Please Pray for the Custers

Here are some ways that you can be praying for the Custers as they help to plant churches:
  1. Pray that there will be fruit from the 6 talks we gave at a training for Asia workers from another mission Dec. 5-11. Topics, among others, included Lessons Learned from our 40 years in missions, Thriving Overseas and Being in Missions for the Long Haul. Time was also spent in individual conversations, answering questions from young moms and young leaders, and speaking to the men and women in separate sessions. Our desire is that these workers will be encouraged to stick with it in their ministries, not giving up in discouragement, and be willing to sacrifice and deal with many challenges for the cause of reaching those without Christ.
  2. Pray for "Together in Hope", the spiritual life conference for our personnel in Europe and the Middle East, that they will come away refreshed and encouraged for continued ministry. Our son, Andi and Jen, will be ministering to the youth; our daughter, Katrina, who serves at Black Forest Academy in Germany will be an attendee; and we will be representing WorldVenture.
  3. January 24-26 is the next Discover WorldVenture Weekend to which those interested in missions with us will be invited. Pray that God will bring the right people and then give them direction in their next steps to pursue.
  4. Three families have their support and are ready to deploy to Ireland but are awaiting visas; one couple has been denied twice so please pray that God will have the victory if He still desires them to serve in this very spiritually needy country.
  5. Pray for wisdom for the WorldVenture leadership team as they wrestle with how best to finance and do missions as well as care for those involved around the world.

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