Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Developing a Culture of Evangelism

In Mack Stiles book, Speaking of Jesus, he writes of 3 areas in which a local church needs to evaluate in regards to developing a culture of evangelism:
a. Are we motivated (heart)?
Are we cultivating compassion? Do we need encouragement when we see hard hearted non-Christians? Do we trust in gospel-power?
b. Are we equipped (mind)?
Do we rehearse and revisit the gospel? Can we articulate the gospel well? Do we sing the gospel? Do we hear it in our preaching/teaching/discussions with other church members/membership interviews?
c. Are we available (feet)?
Are we individually encouraging one another to be on the lookout for new people in the hallways on Sundays? Are we willing to put aside a conversation with a bro/sis (one that can be picked up later) when we see someone we don’t know (this could be your only chance!)? Do we “write people off” in our minds? Have I made myself so busy (even doing good ministry things) that I don't make a point to get to know those who don't know Christ?

Consider which area you could use some growth in. Bring someone along with you in learning together! Could you bring along others at BCC so that are not needing to be rebuked as stated in Galatians 2:14--our "
conduct was not in step with the truth of the gospel."

Let me know if you need any resources as we grow together!
Pastor Ben

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