Friday, July 14, 2017

Our Freedom in Christ Jesus (adapted from Colossians 1-2)

Grace and peace to you our brothers, you saints of God, we give thanks for you.
Your hope laid up in heaven waiting, the gospel message bearing fruit.

By God’s grace continue walking in a manner worthy of Him.
Praise Him for His kind deliverance from death and darkness, the power of sin.

Extol the One who grants salvation, the image of the invisible God.
He’s the firstborn of creation, He’s reconciled us by His blood.

We must continue in the faith, shifting not, but stable in,
The gospel hope, which we have heard, proclaiming Christ, He’s coming again!

Abounding in thanksgiving, yes, we who’ve received the Lord,
Walking in Him, built up in Him, but my brothers be forewarned,

There are those who’d take you captive by the cunning craft of man,
Those who hold onto tradition, the grace of God don’t understand.

For in the body of our Lord dwells all Deity,
And in Him we find our fullness, He’s o’er all authority.

Though at one time we were dead in trespasses and sin,
We’ve been forgiven, been made alive, yes, we’ve been raised with Him!

Christ, the One who set aside, the debt we could not pay,
This He took and to the tree did nail it on that day.

A public spectacle He made of all His enemies,
Tri’mphing over all of them, by grace we’ve been set free!

So, don’t be bound by regulations your freedom is in Christ.
The Head who holds His church together, our liberty, our life.

Blake Gerber, Discipleship Minister 

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