Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Copping out? Maybe...

It's my turn to blog this week, and it is Vacation Bible Camp week. Dilemma. Am I copping out by letting someone else write for me. Maybe. This blog post by Trevin Wax on the Gospel Coalition site is a much better post than you could squeeze out of me this week. I posted this to my Facebook page and some of you have liked it, so I thought I'd try for an even wider audience here.

Here is something to wet your appetite from the post:
"I often meet Christians who are uncomfortable with the idea of evangelism. Whenever I dig down to the root of the discomfort, I encounter issues related to the nature of truth, what it means to follow Jesus, and the role of worship. Here’s a fictional example of how this kind of conversation usually goes…" 
As I endeavor to continue equipping the saints at Bethany in evangelism, I think each of us would benefit from reading Trevin's post here.

Remembering the Gospel is for all of us, every day...
Pastor Ben

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