Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Reach your Neighbors, Part 6 of 6

Image by Andrew Lamb

What would it look like if your care group was all people from your neighborhood? What a powerful community that would be to partner together to reach a neighborhood together.

If that is not your current reality, what if you partnered with a few key families in your neighborhood to do a Neighborhood Watch Program. Some in your neighborhood won’t come to a neighborhood gathering unless there is a purpose higher than “just getting together”. The Watch Program could be that very thing.

Our family recently asked another BCC family down the street to join us to helping to get together a Neighborhood Watch informational meeting. We also asked another family in our neighborhood to help. We had a great turn out and while we were there, a group decided to plan a neighborhood block party. Both events have tied our neighborhood relationally together and give believing families entry ways into the gospel. We printed off a google map of the neighborhood and now have it posted in our kitchen to remind us homeowners’ names and to remind us to pray for them.

I have materials available for you like flyers, invites, etc. Let me know if you need anything!

Take Care, 
Ben D.

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